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  1. Description of the Project

The Government of the Republic of Chad has benefited from ADB financing via CILSS for the implementation of Project 2 of the Program to Strengthen Resilience to Food and Nutritional Insecurity in the Sahel (P2-P2RS).

The Project Development Objective (PDO) is to eradicate the structural causes of acute and chronic food and nutrition crises, by helping vulnerable households increase their income, access basic infrastructure and social services, and build a heritage that makes it possible to sustainably strengthen livelihoods. The implementation of certain activities of the P2RS project may require the application of certain operational policies of environmental and social protection, in particular operational safeguards (OS) relating to environmental and social assessment. It is therefore in this context that this Environmental and Social Management Framework (CGES) has been drawn up to ensure that the environmental and social concerns of project activities are properly taken into account from planning to implementation, implementation and monitoring / evaluation. The goal of the CGES is to orient the project in environmental and social terms because at this stage, we do not yet know precisely the sites where the infrastructure and equipment are located.

The intervention area includes the Province of Kanem, the Province of Barh El Gazal and the Province of Hadjer Lamis and the project will be implemented through the four (4) components which are:

Component 1: Strengthening the resilience to Climate Change of agro-sylvo-pastoral productions;

- Component 2:Development of agro-sylvo-pastoral value chains;

- Component 3: Capacity building adaptive to climate change.

- Component 4:Project Management


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